Sunday, November 20, 2005

Comment spam

After removing all the comment spam that had accumulated on this blog (one post had received 83 spam comments!), I feel I need a little amusement. So let me for a moment entertain the thought that all this spam wasn't posted by mindless bots, but was manually produced by actual human individuals responding to the article in question.

First conclusion: the literacy crisis is far worse than anybody is willing to admit! I mean, if somebody replies to "This is just a test of my new gnome blogger app" with "great post, keep up the good work," they either have a very warped sense of humor, or their reading comprehension caps out at two-word sentences, to say nothing of the poor people who seem to read messages about cheap mortgages, anatomical "enhancements" or cracked software downloads into this blog, and whose problems might require the attention of not just an elementary school teacher, but also that of a clinical psychologist.

Second conclusion: some people seem to feel sexually excited by Lattice QCD! The number of self-professed "hot girls" offering themselves for dates and more in reply to posts about fermion discretization issues is truly staggering ... but Matthew is married, and I still have certain standards, which include requiring a basic command of orthography and punctuation (or at least the ability to use a spelling checker!) from any potential date. Sorry, girls!

Third conclusion: The world is even weirder than I thought. One comment advertised photography courses, and was kept entirely in Greek; numerous comments consisted of fairly random French words in alphabetical order; and one person repeatedly urged the world to visit his ##KEYWORD HERE## site (located at http://www.yoururlhere/). What is that supposed to tell us? (Other than that some people are too stupid even to spam - remember, we are pretending these comments were real!)

Hmm, this counterfactual leads us to a bad, half a good (who doesn't dream of a world in which top models chase after theoretical physicists? -- but where's the fun if they are too dumb to form a coherent sentence?) and an outright weird difference to the real world. I suppose that can be counted as empirical evidence that Leibniz was right when he postulated that the real world was the best of all possible worlds. Oh, well ...


Anonymous said...

" reply to posts about fermion discretization issues is truly staggering"

Was that a pun? Because if so, groan.

-- Not a hot girl.

Georg said...

Actually, it wasn't intended as a pun. Funny, eh?

Anonymous said...

And to make this related to lattice QCD, we notice that Leibniz's ideas about the real world being the best of all possible worlds were an influential factor in the attempt to formulate physics in terms of variational principles, ultimately giving us the action principle (and hence, indirectly, the path integral).