Thursday, August 17, 2006

More links

This is just another collection of links and such.

There is a new group blog in town: over at Jacques Distler's golem, arch-proto-blogger John Baez, String Coffe Table-host Urs Schreiber and philosopher of mathematics David Corfield have formed the n-Category Café, where they will discuss the mathematical, physical and philosophical impact and applications of n-Categories.

Also new to our blogroll are Cosmic Variance contributor Clifford Johnson's new personal blog Asymtotia, and the apparently anonymous Superweak.

The BBC has a number of astronomy stories among the news: Here they discuss the new definition of a planet, which for some reason really captivates the general public, and here they report on a recent observation by the Hubble telescope of the dimmest stars in the Milky Way, while here they report about a recent determination of the Milky Way's age using the VLT telescope array. No particle physics new there, unfortunately.

For many parallel talks given at the Lattice 2006 conference, slides are now also available (just follow the links that used to lead to the abstracts). In case anybody is interested (or bored) enough to care, here are mine. The first proceedings contributions should start appearing on the arXiv in the next couple of weeks or so, once the participants have received the necessary LaTeX files and instructions from Proceedings of Science.

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