Thursday, May 03, 2007

SciFi'ish Sunshine Scene

Via Clifford Johnson, a link to a BBC report about the first commercially operating solar thermal power plant in Europe. Located in sunny Andalusia, it generates 11 MW of electrical power from sunshine alone by concentrating the light of the sun on the top of a 115 m tall tower by means of 600 heliostats, huge mirrors that track the Sun in the sky. The concentrated light is so intense that when scattered off the water vapour and dust in the air it creates the scifi-like special effect visible in the picture at the BBC link. If this kind of power plant is shown to work well commercially, the resulting increase in energy production could be a huge boost to the economy of developping countries in the subtropics, and the Gulf sheikhs will have nothing to worry about when the oil runs out -- they have plenty of sunshine in the Arabian desert after all.


Anonymous said...

Reminds me, whatever happened to the solar power plant in California that was to do the same thing, except the sunlight was concentrated on a pipe containing molten sodium(?) and use that to convert solar power to electricity?

solar power said...

I think this solar thermal power plant in Europe has a good perspective and will work successfully. Because producing solar power is a good start for the idea of a technology that can be improved with an excellent promising future. Because if we can use the sun as a source of energy for a cleaner and healthier environment why not use it. And by the way the entire earth will thank to those innovative people.