Monday, May 10, 2010

Bloggy stuff

This will be an unusaully bloggy post for this blog, consisting as it does of two unrelated remarks one of which is not terribly relevant to anything.

Firstly (and irrelevantly), I noticed that Google are now classifying the blogs on blogspot by some sort of content-matching algorithm -- if you click on "next blog" in the title bar, you are most likely going to see another physics blog, or at least a blog by some physicist; if that physicist happens to blog about cooking, the next blog after that might be another culinary blog, or if he happens to be based in Texas, it might be a blog about a trip to Texas, and so forth. That's a neat trick that makes the "next blog" feature actually at least somewhat useful.

Secondly, when people talk about how the Euro is loosing against the Dollar, which has to mean the end of the EU or even of civilisation as we know it, I wonder how short their memory spans are. Here's a little memory aid -- click on "10y" on the chart and behold, the Euro is 42.4% higher against the Dollar than it was in early 2000, when it was actually worth less than $1 ...

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