Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Bloggalia varia mixtaque

  • Conference blogging from the best of the best: Fields medalist Tim Gowers has been covering the International Congress of Mathematicians (ICM 2010) in Hyderabad on his blog

  • John Baez has turned from higher category theory to saving the planet and blogs about it at his new blog

  • Rob Knop has taken up blogging again at the new Scientopia website, which hosts the bloggers that left ScienceBlogs as a consequence of "PepsiGate" or for other reasons


wolfgang said...


i apologize for asking an off topic question,
but what is in your opinion the current state of the art if one has to distinguish a weak 1st order transition from a 2nd order phase transition with lattice simulation(s) (assuming there is no analytical guidance available).

Thank you in advance.

Georg v. Hippel said...

Hi Wolfgang,

this isn't really something I have done so far, so I can't really say with any degree of confidence what's the state of the art. However, I'd tend to think your best chances would be to look at the peak in the susceptibility and see how it scales to determine the universality class of the 2nd order phase transition (if it is one), and to look for evidence of metastability in Monte Carlo histories. But people who actually do this for a living might have come up with better methods that I just haven't seen yet. Sorry I can't be more helpful.