Saturday, June 10, 2006

The Satanic Papers

Since -- surprise, surprise -- no apocalyptic cataclysm occurred on 6/6/6 (which was 6/6/2006 really anyways, and is also variously known as 24/5/2006, 10/9/5766, 10/3/5766, 9/5/1427, 16/3/1385, 16/3/1928,, 2006-23-2, 2006-157 or even 18.9.CCXIV, not to mention that the count of years A.D. isn't even historically accurate), maybe we should look for the hand of Satan where it has a greater chance of manifesting itself: I mean in the arXiv, of course! So here are the papers bearing the cleverly disguised mark of the beast:

astro-ph/0606006: M. Meneghetti et al., Arc sensitivity to cluster ellipticity, asymmetries and substructures. Studies how the distribution of galaxies within a cluster affects the shape of the arcs created by gravitational lensing by that cluster.

cond-mat/0606006: J.-P. Wüstenberg et al., Spin- and time-resolved photoemission studies of thin Co2FeSi Heusler alloy films. Studies the properties of some material of interest in spintronics.

gr-qc/0606006: S. Deser, First-order Formalism and Odd-derivative Actions. Studies how a separate Palatini-type reformulation of standard and Chern-Simons terms affects electromagnetism and gravity, with some surprising results.

hep-ex/0606006: ICARUS Collaboration (A. Ankowski et al.), Measurement of Through-Going Particle Momentum By Means Of Multiple Scattering With The ICARUS T600 TPC. Describes the collaboration's liquid argon detector and the methods to be used to measure particle momenta with it.

hep-lat/0606006: C. Hagen et al., Search for the Theta^+(1540) in lattice QCD. Looks for the Θ+(1540) pentaquark in a quenched simulation and doesn't find it.

hep-ph/0606006: C.A. Salgado, Overview of the heavy ion session: Moriond 2006. Summary of proceedings.

hep-th/0606006: S. Creek et al., Braneworld stars and black holes. Studies sperically symmetric brane solutions in a Randall-Sundrum scenario.

math-ph/0606006: R.G. Smirnov and P. Winternitz, A class of superintegrable systems of Calogero type. Studies the relationship between the three-body Calogero system in one dimension and a class of three- and twodimensional superintegrable systems.

nucl-ex/0606006: S. Salur (for the STAR Collaboration), Statistical Models and STAR's Strange Data. Compares various models to the collaboration's data on strange hadron production in p+p and Au+Au collisions.

nucl-th/0606006: L. Platter, The Three-Nucleon System at Next-To-Next-To-Leading Order. Computes the triton binding energy to NNLO in an effective field theory with only contact interactions.

physics/0606006: W.A. Rolke and A.M. Lopez, A Test for the Presence of a Signal. Studies some methods for statistical hypothesis testing.

quant-ph/0606006: F. Cannata and A. Ventura, Scattering by PT-symmetric non-local potentials. Studies one-dimensional scattering by separable non-local potentials and looks at the contraints imposed on the transmission and reflection coefficients by hermiticity and P- and T-invariance.

Not sure if any of this looks particularly satanic, but it was fun to look (however superficially) at papers from archives I would normally never go near.