Monday, December 04, 2006

The arXiv is changing

Via Urbano Franca: The arXiv preprint archive is changing the way it labels papers with effect from 1st January 2007. The familiar arch-ive/YYMMNNN identifiers like hep-lat/0411026 will be gone (although they will be retained for old papers), and new identifiers of the form YYMM.NNNN will take their place. The stated reason for this is that the math archive is getting dangerously close to 1000 submissions a month, which would break the existing indentifier system. The new identifiers will no longer be assigned on an archive-by-archive basis; including the archive will be done as in 0701.1234 [hep-lat]. The new system is expected to be good for a number of years, and after that five-digit identifiers YYMM.NNNNN will be needed.

This change appears to be orthogonal to the other announced big change in the physics arXiv, although it is possible that the latter is considered redundant now. A slightly more open information policy on the part of the arXiv might be nice from time to time, but I suspect they are afraid that more openness might offer more inroads to cranks and crackpots, so I kind of understand their policy of semi-secret decision-making. Still, I think it probably couldn't hurt too much if they sent out informative emails to registered authors from time to time.