Thursday, December 07, 2006

Physics Result of the Year, Anyone?

Chad Orzel has a poll about which physics result of 2006 deserves to be called The Physics Result Of The Year. Surprisingly, so far nobody seems interested in nominating their favourite result for this honour. Which is strange, because A) the APS has a list from which you could simply pick one, and B) nobody says you can't nominate your own results if you feel so inclined. This isn't the Nobel Prize, after all.

On the lattice QCD front, I'm going to be both bold and modest at the same time and nominate the recent progress in the debate about the validity of the fourth-root trick for staggered fermions as the result of the year. It isn't really a result, because the debate isn't completely resolved, but there are results now where there was mostly just conjecture before, so this is definitely progress.

Anyway, please go Chad's fine blog and nominate your favourite result of the year. You wouldn't want the public to think physicists have no enthusiasm for their own work, would you?