Wednesday, January 03, 2007

PhysicsWeb 2.0

The most recent issue of PhysicsWorld has a feature about how Web 2.0 technologies are transforming physics communications. Physicists' blogs feature quite prominently in this issue: besides a piece about blogs and wikis, which quotes physics bloggers Sabine Hossenfelder, Christine Dantas, Luboš Motl, Gordon Watts and Dave Bacon (apologies if I missed somebody) alongside the more critical voices of Nobel Laureates Philip Anderson and Jack Steinberger, they have an article by Sean Carroll of Cosmic Variance about his motivations for blogging.

And finally, they introduce a new column "Blog life", which starts with a profile of Chad Orzel's Uncertain Principles and is going to look at a different physics blog each month.

I suppose this makes physics blogging officially (at least almost) respectable. Now, if only PhysicsWorld would allow trackbacks ...

Update: Backreaction has some thoughts on this.