Tuesday, April 03, 2007

New identifiers at the arXiv

The arXiv have changed their identifiers away from the familiar arch-ive/YYMMNNN (e.g. hep-lat/0605007) format to a new YYMM.NNNN (e.g. 0704.0274) format, which will be used across archives; the change was implemented on April Fool's Day. One consequence of the new identifiers is that the preprint numbers within an archive are no longer consecutive, making the "previous" and "next" functions on the abstract listings rather less useful. Existing papers will retain their old-style identifiers, though. It will remain to be seen how the community likes the change.

Another change, which at least I like quite a bit, is the new presentation format for abstracts. With the more commonly required pieces of information at the top, it looks a lot neater than the old one, which had a lot of less useful things (submission history etc.) in the first few lines.