Thursday, August 02, 2007

Lattice 2007 -- Day Three

Today was the traditional excursion day, so there were no plenaries in the morning. Instead there were parallel sessions, including the one with my talk (which went fine). A number of other lattice perturbation theory talks took place in the same session, and it was nice to see the methods from our paper get picked up by other groups.

At lunchtime, the police came to see me in order to have me pick the likely suspect in my robbery out of a photo array.

In the afternoon there were excursions. The one I was on went to Weltenburg Abbey, one of the oldest Benedictine abbeys north of the Alps, famous both for the beer from its 950 years old brewery, and for its beautiful baroque church, the latter a work of painter-architect Cosmas Damian Asam, his brother, sculptor Egid Quirin Asam, and his son, painter Franz Asam, members of the famous Asam clan of baroque churchbuilders in Germany. Particularly remarkable is the life-size statue of St. George on his horse, complete with dragon and saved princess. We went to the abbey by boat through the Danube gorge, a rock formation where the Danube broke through a layer of sedimentary rocks millions of years ago, drastically altering its course and leaving us both a testament to the earth-shaping power of water and a very scenic piece of valley. At the abbey, we had a guided tour of the church with a very nice and very well-informed guide who was apparently an art historian (a rather pleasant break from the common pattern of tour guides who could learn from some of the tourists they supposedly guide). After a pleasant snack and beer in the abbey's beergarden, we went back the same way we came.