Monday, September 24, 2007

Brief post

This is just a brief note saying that I am still alive and still blogging here, but that I have been too busy (moving across the Atlantic, settling into my new job here in Zeuthen, finding a flat in Berlin, and so forth) to write anything since my last post.

To catch up with the aftermath of the lattice meeting: the slides for the plenary and parallel talks are now online (just click on the "pdf" link next to each talk), as are some photos (including one showing me looking into the empty air above, thinking deeply about what to write here). The proceedings are also in progress (the deadline for submissions is 1st October, so expect a flurry of preprints on the lattice arXiv this week).

I'll be back with post that have actual content at some point, but don't expect to much for the next month or so.