Thursday, February 21, 2008

Word on the arXiv

The arXiv have announced that they now support submissions of "Microsoft Word DOCX or other OOXML (Office Open XML) document[s]". While I am perfectly aware that high-energy physicists (or indeed any kind of physicists) are not the only users of the arXiv, and that usage of TeX is not terribly common outside the physics/mathematics field (though I know a few philosophers and economists, and even one historian, who were won over by the superior look of texts typeset in LaTeX), I find this a little worrying, especially given that the arXiv acknowledges support from the Microsoft Technical Computing Initiative. What worries me is the possibility that this might be the first step towards a less open information architecture at the arXiv, and by implication in the high-energy physics communications sector. Will Microsoft try to gain a foothold, leading to the eventual establishment of their "open" (not) formats as the only accepted submission and download format? One sincerely hopes not.