Sunday, June 14, 2009

我不去 LATTICE 2009 北京

I hope I didn't maltreat the 汉字 above too badly in my ignorance -- in any case, what I'm trying to say is that I am not going to the Lattice conference this year. Yes, that means no conference blog from me.

"But how are we going to survive without the annual conference blog?" I hear a reader exclaim. To which I reply, without so much as batting an eyelid: "You will have to write it yourself." Okay, I admit that imaginary exchange is just silly, but the reality is that I'd still like to cover the Lattice meeting in Beijing, but obviously can't do the reporting myself. So I would like to encourage my readers to volunteer as guest bloggers and cover a session or two from their own point of view. Any conference reports (except for those of a libelous, pornographic or defamatory nature) submitted as comments or by email will be published, with or without attribution as desired by their respective authors.

To make this a more tempting offer I will add a prize for the most productive (by number of sessions covered, by words in case of equal numbers of sessions) guest blogger, who will win my Lattice 2008 Williamsburg baseball cap (autographed or unautographed at the winner's discretion).