Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Workshop links

The week of July 22-26, 2013, i.e. the week immediately prior to the Lattice 2013 conference, there is a workshop on "Nucleon Matrix Elements for New-Physics Searches" scheduled at the ECT*, the organizers of which have requested that Lattice 2013 participants be made aware of it so as to avoid the potential for other scheduling conflicts.

Another interesting upcoming event should be the school/workshop "New Horizons in Lattice Field Theory", which will be held March 13-27, 2013, in Natal (Brazil). With lectures by Mike Creutz, Owe Philipsen, Chris Sachrajda, Steve Sharpe, and Rainer Sommer, this ought to be a highly instructive school for students wishing to study lattice topics in the tropics.

A propos schools, the slides of the INT Summer School on Lattice QCD for Nuclear Physics are up on the web, along with videos of the lectures, providing another excellent educational resource on lattice QCD.