Monday, July 01, 2013

LATTICE 2013 - The biggest Lattice conference so far

With 510 registered participants and 476 submitted contributions (not counting the invited plenary talks), LATTICE 2013 is shaping up to be by far the biggest Lattice conference ever (at least so far). While this is of course great news for all lattice people (since it shows the rapid growth of the field) and a great honour for us as organizers, it also means that the parallel programme is under a lot of pressure. We have had to organize additional rooms for parallel sessions and to move some talks to a different topical stream than the one they were submitted under, but in the end there was no way to avoid having to move a few parallel talks to the poster session (which itself is under a lot of pressure given the finite volume of the exhibition hall); if you are one of the authors concerned by such rearrangements, we trust you will understand that there was no other way.

Likewise, we hope that all participants will be forgiving of unavoidable clashes between talks that are of equal interest to them. We have taken great efforts to avoid such situations, but given the various additional constraints (such as speakers only being present for part of the week and sessions likely to meet with greater interest having to be put into larger rooms) it is impossible to avoid all potential clashes. The same applies to those speakers whose requests for a rescheduling of their talk to a more convenient time slot could not be fulfilled -- we have tried our best, but there is a limit to the number of times a programme with seven simultaneous parallel streams forming sixty-six parallel sessions can be rearranged to accommodate a single individual.

The parallel and poster programme is now finalized and will go to the printers soon. The only changes still possible will be cancellations (which we would greatly regret) and swaps (which should be arranged between the two speakers concerned and communicated to us by email to Any such changes received after Wednesday, 3rd July 2013, will not make it into the printed programme, but will of course be shown in the web version and advertized by flyers, slides and pin-board notices during the conference.

Finally, the large number of participants means that some queues at the conference office and at lunchtime will be unavoidable, so a certain amount of patience may be required in these situations. We will try our best to reduce waiting times as much as feasible, but 510 people is quite a lot after all.

We look forward to hosting you all in Mainz!